FAU>TY experimental sound & AV returns on 9th September for the 2013 Brighton Digital Festival. Returning to the faulty equipment this year is international artist, ‘that guy from Belgium’ C-BA with electronic soundscape for your head. For those who have waited a year to see him perform in Blighty… He will be on EARLY! After the shocking news that Kaptain Kelp was consumed by some unidentified ‘fish-thing’ comes the unfortunate disappearance of long standing Faultee LUMO. Despite these setbacks, KRILLL was spotted up in the towers cooking up some Dada voodoo and youdo know that means a special treat for your earpiece. Sound Makes Shapes has generously stepped in to promise something of l’hommage à Lumo. Our robots cannot calculate what this guy sounds like. The ROM will be back on this side of the Matrix for one night to ‘feed you a reality sandwich for the eyes’. That dude just gets weirder. So grab a drink and some earplugs – if you’re in, you’re in for the night.


Monday 9th September 2013  Doors at 7pm – Acts start promptly at 7.30pm  Upstairs @ Fitzherberts, Brighton, UK

FAULTY 2013 has been funded by Brighton Digital Festival Grassroots Fund and as a result is FREE!


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